Building on the Momentum We Created in 2019

We look forward to the fourth quarter of every year: not only is it our most profitable season, but we’re all about the holidays! Also, this is when we look back on the last 12 months and learn from what we’ve done, so that our SanAn Group Inc. goals for the coming year will be as motivating and relevant as possible.

Upon reflection, we’re very pleased with the progress we made in 2019. We saw impressive company growth, which included top producers earning promotions to key leadership roles. It also saw us expanding our influence into new markets, and working with more brands.

In 2020, we want more of the same. We will continue to grow SanAn Group Inc., hiring those who have the drive and people skills to thrive in our supportive and empowering office culture. As we bring new team members on board, we will do so with some specific growth goals in mind. For example, we want to see at least three (but preferably five) team members earn their way into leadership roles.

We also plan on focusing even more on the growth of our portfolio, working with exciting new products as they become available. To maintain our high presentation standards, we’ll need to promote at least one or two people to account manager positions.

These will be our main areas of focus in the coming year, though we’ll also set new metrics for travel and philanthropy. Learn more about our plans for 2020 by liking SanAn Group Inc. on Facebook.