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SanAn Group: Worthwhile Careers

We’re growing at SanAn Group, which means we have opportunities for ambitious, self-directed people to join our team. Our philosophy is simple: We believe that hard work, meeting goals, and taking a positive approach are reward-worthy traits.

Find out more about the many perks we offer our associates.

Let’s Talk About Learning at SanAn Group

What gives SanAn Group a distinct edge? We are committed to helping our people grow in their careers. Our educational programs are second to none. Starting the first day, each individual is guided by our supportive leadership team. Along the way, they partake in valuable learning experiences and immerse themselves in hands-on training on our promotional model. We include them in every step of the process, from meeting with brands through creative development and campaign launch.

Our training program is vastly different from other companies because of the coaching people receive from our seasoned pros. We pair our managers with new team members for an individualized education that builds on their strengths as they learn the ropes of our business.

We offer a learning experience that includes:

  • Communication skills development
  • Business 101 knowledge
  • Growth at a pace that’s comfortable for each person

Working Together

Collaboration is a big part of the SanAn Group environment. We enjoy working together toward common goals and we have fun while doing it. As our people find ways to shine and grow in their careers, they are supported by others who are equally passionate about success.

Build Strong Connections

Our experts have endless opportunities to expand their careers because of the networking avenues available through SanAn Group. They are encouraged to participate in:

  • Philanthropy: We volunteer in support of community-based causes that allow our people to meet other likeminded individuals who share our values.
  • Industry Gatherings: We have many chances to participate in regional trainings or attend leadership conferences.
  • Travel Incentives: A favorite perk is the chance to adventure to exotic locales and enjoy each other’s company as we learn and grow.
  • Contact With Influential Leaders: Each career step offers opportunities to be in contact with other business executives or notable industry leaders we can turn to for advice as our careers take flight.

A Solid Career With SanAn Group

Learning and growth are among the many reasons why our experts excel in their careers with SanAn Group. Their focus on professional growth is why we lead the industry in consumer product campaigns. Discover the vast resources and support that form the basis for sustainable ongoing development. Send your résumé to to learn more.