Catarina, Marissa, and Courtney Are in the Spotlight

Leadership is a SanAn Group Inc. principle, and so is recognition. Casey, our firm’s President, wanted to put three of our top producers in the spotlight this month for modeling leadership behavior in the office.

The first sales and marketing manager Casey mentioned was Catarina Ruiz. “She’s consistent: she got her training down really quickly and does a great job overall.” Our President also had high praise for Marissa McPhaul, saying, “She’s always the first one in the office and the last one out. She keeps improving every day.” Courtney Jones also impressed Casey this month, prompting her to say, “She’s one of the hardest workers in the program and she always gets such good feedback from everyone. She’s doing great!”

When it comes to acknowledging our top producers, we like to follow some SanAn Group Inc. guidelines. For example, we always strive for fairness, clarity, and consistency in our recognition efforts. Our organization is a level playing field, where all that matters is results.

We keep our rewards and incentives varied enough that they remain exciting. While the standards we set remain the same, how we say thank you can be different each time. This way our incentives remain fresh and motivating.

We’re very proud of Catarina, Marissa, and Courtney for bringing their A-games to the office every day. See what honors they receive next by checking out our SanAn Group Inc. Newswire feed.