Congrats to Catarina and Maddey on Their Promotions

There’s more good news to share around our SanAn Group Inc. office. Two team members, Catarina and Maddey, were recently promoted to new positions.

“These sales and marketing analysts are consistent in their performance and always willing to teach new hires,” said Casey, SanAn Group Inc.’s President. “They help with training and know how to take charge of a room to get the job done. We are very excited to see what they achieve next.”

Our SanAn Group Inc. advancement philosophy is why we continue to produce excellent results for the brands we represent. Here are some of the reasons why we have made promotions a big part of our culture:

• Retain Best Talent: “We invest heavily in professional development,” explained Casey. “It’s important that we keep that in-house and promotions are an incentive to stay and grow with us.”

• Motivate Other Team Members: “Because we opt for merit-based advancement, it’s a clear incentive for our people to give 100 percent because they know that their hard work will pay off as well,” said Casey.

• Good for Company Image: “Success breeds success,” Casey remarked. “When customers and brands see that our people are on a fast track to career advancement, it speaks volumes about our accomplishments and how well-trained our team members are to take the lead and get results.”

Our next round of promotions will be announced shortly, so check out our Newswirefor frequent updates.