Congratulating Two Team Members on Their Promotions

Recognition is a cornerstone of the SanAn Group Inc. culture. We honor our team members whenever they hit a goal, knowing that when one of us succeeds it’s a win for us all. This month, we have two people to congratulate on their promotions, which leads us to announce that we’re hiring as well!

The President of SanAn Group Inc., Casey, is committed to promoting from within because of the positive impact this has on company growth. Advancement is a huge motivator for ambitious professionals, and by providing clear career paths to upper management. Casey keeps momentum strong and morale high.

Also, because these promotions are based strictly on merit, our people have a great deal of control over how quickly they move forward with us. We’ve created a flexible training curriculum that allows us to learn at whatever pace works for us, and by extension take on new responsibilities at the rate of our choosing.

Another reason we adhere to a policy of internal promotions is because it gives us the chance to continually bring new team members on board. Innovation and fresh energy are the lifeblood of our business model, and the best way for us to make room for future superstars is by giving our current sales and marketing managers room to grow with our company.

Congratulations again to our promoted team members; we know you’ll thrive in your new roles. To learn more about joining our team, like SanAn Group Inc. on Facebook.