Our Entire Organization Enjoyed a Weekend in Dallas

Travel is an exciting SanAn Group Inc. perk that we offer to all our team members as a way of showing our gratitude and also to supplement our in-house training program. Our most recent excursion took us to Dallas for a Top Leaders Conference.

The event took place over the second weekend in February, and the President of SanAn Group Inc., Casey, was very excited to be able to take the whole team with her. It was a great learning experience for everyone, as the best of the best in our industry were there, sharing best practices and discussing trends in their markets.

Another highlight of the weekend was the awards ceremony, at which high achievers were recognized for hitting impressive career milestones. The acceptance speeches were full of advice on how to overcome challenges and stay on course for hitting remarkable goals. All of us in the audience were inspired by these stories.

There were many chances for us to build our professional networks as well, and we made many great connections with industry leaders and like-minded peers. Having a well-curated contact list is a vital element for success in the business world, and it was exciting for us to put our networking skills to use.

Our Dallas trip was a great success, and we’re already looking forward to our next chance to grow through travel. Like SanAn Group Inc. on Facebook to see where we’re heading.