Our Travel Program Builds Successful Leaders

SanAn Group Inc. leadership conferences are vital because they create growth on our team and build the skills needed for our people to become accomplished frontrunners. We want everyone in our firm to elevate their careers and achieve huge success.

In fact, every trip our team members take is designed to help them achieve their potential. Leadership weekends are especially helpful – we spent the whole time learning from the best in our business from around the world, and then meeting them during breakout sessions and networking events.

Another type of SanAn Group Inc. trip includes traveling to other markets for cross-training. When we spend time learning from colleagues in another office, their best practices and unique approaches to creating and launching product campaigns always inspire us to greater creativity in our own work when we come back home.

We’re firm believers in a balanced approach to success, so we also include trips that revolve around R&R. These often include tropical destinations where we spend time connecting with like-minded rising stars in laid-back environments. The combination of learning and unwinding always inspires us to greater heights of achievement as we move forward on our missions.

Still, leadership weekends are the workhorses of our travel program, and have the most impact on our current and future success. Learn more about our trips by liking SanAn Group Inc. on Facebook.