Spotlight on Casey: What Happens When You Reach Higher

Watching others achieve their career objectives takes on an entirely new significance when you understand that you, too, can realize this success. This is the lesson that Casey, our SanAn Group Inc. President, readily shares when she discusses her own ascent to leadership.

Like everyone who works here, Casey began her career at SanAn Group Inc. at the entry level. Determined from the start, she fully participated in our immersive training program, which imparts practical knowledge on everything from how to create product campaigns that energize customers to how to successfully manage a team of her own. Each step of the way, she put in the work needed to develop personally and professionally until she finally landed her current role of President.

Now, it’s her turn to help others find their niche. Casey is eager to coach new team members and ensure they learn the ropes. She knows when we have the right incentives, resources, and support, we, too, can rise higher. That’s her goal.

As 2019 rapidly approaches, Casey and our team are putting the final touches on our plans and objectives for the upcoming year. Growth is a big part of our strategy, for both the brands we represent and our team. For Casey, this means more opportunities to nurture ambitious individuals and see them thrive in the same industry in which she’s made a lasting mark.

This is only the beginning for our leader and our team. Follow SanAn Group Inc. on Instagram to see where our talent takes us next.