The Power of a Dynamic Travel Program

Travel plays an important role in SanAn Group Inc. operations. It makes for a great reward when our team members achieve noteworthy milestones. We also take trips to develop our professional competencies.

Recently, several of our team members returned from a conference in Newport Beach, California. “The event included all the top business leaders in our industry, along with high performers from each office,” shared Casey, President of SanAn Group Inc. “We went on a boat cruise to connect with other attendees and had a lot of fun. It was great to meet with people who have been successful and learn from them. This was an excellent chance to network and expand our horizons.”

By providing opportunities to break up our normal routines through travel, we also give our sales and marketing managers a much-deserved chance to relax and have fun. This doesn’t get enough attention, in our collective opinion: human minds are much like a saw in that we can accomplish much more when we’re feeling sharp. This requires us to gain a fresh perspective occasionally, a need that trips like the Newport Beach conference perfectly fulfill. A couple of days on the West Coast were ideal in that we could return to the office with a spring in our step and a renewed sense of purpose.

Our travel program is one of the most important investments we make in the success of our sales and marketing analysts. See where we’re heading next by liking SanAn Group Inc. on Facebook.