Top Three Reasons Our Team Nights Rock

Top Three Reasons Our Team Nights Rock

There’s a definite excitement in our SanAn Group Inc. office when a team night rolls around. We love to relax and get to know one another better in unique settings. In fact, these events have facilitated a closeness within our team. Casey, our President, shares the top three reasons why our team nights rock:

• We Build Closer Bonds: “When we step outside of our office personas and take time to become better acquainted, we learn facets about each other’s lives and interests that we might not otherwise learn about,” explained Casey. “We identify commonalities that form the basis for stronger working relationships.”

• Working Well Together Nets Results: “Without doubt, our SanAn Group Inc. team nights are setting the stage for people to become more attuned with each other and understand how they can best learn and grow as a team,” Casey added. “The rapports we develop spill over into our collaborative work, which is evident in the outcomes we deliver for brands.”

• We Just Love to Have Fun: “We do our part to make our SanAn Group Inc. workplace one that people are excited to come to every day,” Casey noted. “Adding in diverse activities that bring out laughter and even a bit of friendly competition is why our company culture is hard to beat.”

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