We Create the Conditions That Encourage Success

Our SanAn Group Inc. training program is vastly different from other companies because of the coaching our team members receive from seasoned pros. We pair our managers with novice promotional specialists for an individualized education that builds on their strengths as they learn the ropes of our business. We are committed to helping our people grow in their careers, and coaching is just one of the tools we use to help them reach their full potential.

The SanAn Group Inc. travel program is also designed to offer our team members room to grow. One month might find us cross-training at another high-performing office, and another takes us to a national leadership and networking conference. No matter the destination, what we find is hands-on training and best practices that are being used in markets all over the world.

During the interview process we seek out career-oriented professionals because every position in our company provides access to upper management. What’s more, we promote solely on merit – as our people master the skills of each role, they move forward with the company. These well-defined career paths ensure that we always know what steps to take next as we work to advance our careers, and that our individual journeys go as quickly as the pace we set.

These are just a few of the ways we encourage our team members to achieve success. Learn more about our strategies by liking SanAn Group Inc. on Facebook.