We’re Hiring! Come Join Our Team!

Have you considered a career in which you can learn the most effective marketing and sales strategies while setting your sights on a long-term career path? You might be a perfect fit for our SanAn Group Inc. team. Let’s take a look at what we search for in candidates and how we pave the way for our people to succeed.

“First and foremost, a great attitude is a must,” said Casey, our SanAn Group Inc. President. “People who are positive thinkers accomplish so much more, which is why this is the number one trait we look for in candidates. Consistency is another big factor. We want people who have a solid track record of delivering results. Experience is nice, but it’s more important that our people are willing to put in the work and determination to succeed.”

When people bring the ambition, we provide the resources they need to develop personally and professionally. “Ultimately, our most accomplished team members advance to run their own offices,” explained Casey. “We give them a boost through our immersive training program. Our onboarding process is thorough and hands-on. From day one, incoming promotional specialists work closely with a seasoned manager who serves as their personal coach.”

“After they’ve mastered the skills needed to create product campaigns, team members move into leadership roles in which they become more proficient in administrative tasks and training others,” said Casey. “We include all the facets of running a successful business, from sales basics to HR needs.”

Get a better glimpse into how we’re setting people up to excel. Check out SanAn Group Inc.’s Facebook for more details and upcoming opportunities.